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  • 18/09/2019 18:30 | Vice Commodore (Administrator)

    Blackwater Sailing Club is happy to recommend RYA Training at Maldon Little Ships Club. During 2019-2020 they are running the following courses:

    • Day Skipper Theory - 26 week and 8 week concentrated course
    • Yacht Master Theory - 8 week concentrated course
    • Short Range Radio Course
    • First Aid Course

    Please click the following link for more information regarding these courses MLSC RYA Courses 2019-20.pdf

  • 17/09/2019 22:01 | Hon Secretary (Administrator)

    This meeting will be held at the Club on Wednesday 25th September 2019 at 19.30 hrs, and the Agenda can be downloaded  HERE

  • 13/09/2019 20:14 | Hon Secretary (Administrator)

    Partrac Ltd. is scheduled to install marine sensors in the Blackwater Estuary, Essex, at five sites from 16th to 19th September 2019, weather permitting.

    Each of the sites will be accessed using two Coastal-Pro MACV light hovercraft operated by Coastal Transit Services (Figure 1). Permission to operate the hovercraft within prescribed environmental conditions was granted by Natural England on 14th December 2018.

    Full details are on the Notice to Mariners which you can find HERE 

  • 23/08/2019 19:40 | Hon Secretary (Administrator)

    Please find attached a Notice to Mariners for the deployment of marine sensors in the Blackwater Estuary.  Installation is scheduled to be carried out over 3 days and will take place between 3rd and 13th September 2019, weather permitting.

    Full details are on the Noticeboard in the foyer or a pdf can be downloaded HERE

  • 10/08/2019 18:22 | Vice Commodore (Administrator)

    For those members who wish that Cadet week lasted forever and for all those potential members who would love to join the Yachts and Yachting RYA East Club of the Year 2019, have a look at the pictures on our  BSC Facebook  page to remind yourself what fun we had during Cadet week and what fun you could have as a member of Blackwater Sailing Club. Friday 2nd August 2019 will surely go down in history as the day we sent a fleet of over 120 boats and 180 people to Maldon. This is the largest invasion fleet since the Vikings invaded Maldon in 991 AD! Once the beachhead had been established at Promenade Park, our Cadets showed no mercy to the locals as they swarmed ashore and stripped the local kiosks of every available ice cream and box of chips. Once the job was done, the fleet withdrew to the safety of the Club to continue the remorseless hunt for food, now in the form of cake which was hungrily consumed down to the last crumb. 
    Pictures (c) Nicky Johnson who is now featured photographer on the home page of the website.
    Have a look at the Album Cadet Week 2019 on Facebook for even more fantastic photos from our official photographer. 
     Bring on Cadet Week 2020   Registration 1st August 2020, Cadet Week 2nd to 6th August 2020. DON'T MISS IT - Put it in your diary NOW 

  • 03/08/2019 08:37 | Vice Commodore (Administrator)

    Over 140 cadets, their families and numerous Club volunteers enjoyed a great cadet week at Blackwater Sailing Club while raising money for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. Thank you to everyone who gave so generously during the week which meant that we raised an amazing £1072, which will enable two young people recovering from cancer to go on their first sailing trip with the charity. Thank you to Derrick Louis and his son Rafe who gave such dignified and personal presentations at the beginning and end of Cadet week. This helps remind us all that while you may take your health and that of your loved ones for granted, it is the most important thing in life. It is fabulous to be able to help young people who have suffered so much due to cancer, while enjoying the sport we all love - sailing. 

  • 24/07/2019 16:24 | Vice Commodore (Administrator)

    On Sunday 21st July 84 boats set out from Blackwater Sailing Club on a warm afternoon to take part in the annual Round the Islands races. 54 entered the main dinghy race around Osea and Northey and 22 the short course around Northey. 8 cruisers joined in and raced around Osea. The entry fee was a donation to the RNLI and much to the delight of local Vice Chairman, Ken Harrison, we raised a fantastic £447.04 for our local lifeboat stations.

    The 37 medium handicap boats started first in a gentle force 3-4 westerly breeze with a short port tack down wind leg to Ballast Hole which was very congested with the boats 10 deep. The fleet gybed onto starboard to a broad reach which gradually became a run as they passed south of Osea. Another gybe at the eastern end of Osea then a fetch becoming a beat around the north of Osea. The wind gradually backed to south westerly and freshened as the fleet passed through the gate over the Osea causeway. The shifty gusty wind freshened to force 4-5 at times as boats raced to the south of Northey.

    The fast handicap started 20 minutes after the medium but some managed to hunt down and pass most of the medium fleet. It was great to see such a large fleet of boats out on the river and bodes well for our upcoming Cadet and Club week.


    Round the Islands - dinghies:

    1st Mark Maskell and Nigel Sheppard - Fireball – Jubilee Goblet

    2nd Andy McIvor and Tracy Haigh – Laser 2000 - Vincett Wings trophy

    3rd Guy and Alison Welch - Snipe

    Round Northey:

    1st Jamie Norman – Laser Radial

    2nd Kane Gooch – Laser Radial

    3rd Julie Nelson and Harrison Gooch – Mirror – Round Northey Spoon

    For the full results click RTI Results

    Photos © Zoe Nelson and Rob Haigh

  • 09/07/2019 19:54 | Hon Secretary (Administrator)

    The survey vessel PROTEUS will commence surveying operations on 15th July for approx 13 days in 6 areas of the Blackwater.

    For full details see the Notice in full  HERE

  • 02/07/2019 13:59 | Vice Commodore (Administrator)

    On Sunday 30th June, over 100 members came along to our mid summer BBQ and new members day in brilliant sunshine. Many had taken the opportunity for sailing in perfect conditions in the 9:45 race and then took advantage of the weather to sit on the patio for a drink while the food cooked. In a break from tradition, the new members who came along were treated to a taster sail on the river in one of the Club RS Quests, a Dragonfly trimaran or a Beneteau First cruiser. Extreme wind during our Open Day meant we hadn’t been able to offer taster sails then, so our new members appreciated the chance to get out of the water.

    Many thanks to Alan Hoy and Sheena Berney for organising the event and to Mike Taylor and his team of master chefs and helpers for arranging and cooking a delicious BBQ followed by strawberries and cream.

    Photos © Kate Stewart

  • 17/06/2019 11:32 | Vice Commodore (Administrator)

    The weekend of 15-16 June was one of the busiest of the year at the Club with a full programme of Cadet training on the river and the lake as well as Club racing and we also hosted a very successful down river Fireball Open meeting. 11 home boats were joined by 7 visiting boats from 7 different clubs. Competitors enjoyed five races in force 4-6 winds which produced perfect conditions for the heavy weather experts. Despite an OCS in race 1, consistency in the remaining races to count gave Blackwater team of Dave Hall and Paul Constable outright victory. In second place were Peter and Tom Kyne from Brightlingsea and in third place were Isaac Marsh and Squashed Olly from Northampton. For the full results click Fireball Open 2019 Results.pdf

    Photos (c) Zoe Nelson

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