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The Largest Invasion of Maldon since the Vikings

10/08/2019 18:22 | Vice Commodore (Administrator)

For those members who wish that Cadet week lasted forever and for all those potential members who would love to join the Yachts and Yachting RYA East Club of the Year 2019, have a look at the pictures on our  BSC Facebook  page to remind yourself what fun we had during Cadet week and what fun you could have as a member of Blackwater Sailing Club. Friday 2nd August 2019 will surely go down in history as the day we sent a fleet of over 120 boats and 180 people to Maldon. This is the largest invasion fleet since the Vikings invaded Maldon in 991 AD! Once the beachhead had been established at Promenade Park, our Cadets showed no mercy to the locals as they swarmed ashore and stripped the local kiosks of every available ice cream and box of chips. Once the job was done, the fleet withdrew to the safety of the Club to continue the remorseless hunt for food, now in the form of cake which was hungrily consumed down to the last crumb. 
Pictures (c) Nicky Johnson who is now featured photographer on the home page of the website.
Have a look at the Album Cadet Week 2019 on Facebook for even more fantastic photos from our official photographer. 
 Bring on Cadet Week 2020   Registration 1st August 2020, Cadet Week 2nd to 6th August 2020. DON'T MISS IT - Put it in your diary NOW 

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