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Wayfarer Day Cruise 9th June 2018

21/06/2018 08:38 | Hon Secretary (Administrator)

On Saturday 9th June keen wayfarer sailors went for a day cruise, although not necessarily in their Wayfarers! The commodore and Emma set-off first in Waratah and dropped anchor off of Osea Island where the vegetarian then started to cook the bacon. We were soon joined by Mark and Chris, Belinda and Allan, Sue and Ian and Lindsay and Steve. I think that Steve was very hot from crewing as he decided to go for a swim first - he didn’t even change into his trunks. He obviously missed the ‘swim at your own risk!’ memo. We did promise him that we would not post a picture of this, remaining true to our word! 

From Osea we went for a beautiful cruise up to Bradwell Beach where we tucked in to many wonderful culinary delights prepared earlier. The only disappointment was when half a bottle of wine got spilled. There was talk of going for a walk but that’s all it remained - talk. After a few naps and much jovial conversation later we set off back to Blackwater Sailing Club, looking forward to a gentle broad reach return with the wind and tide behind us. Soon after Richard and I saw Belinda and Allan in the distance and remarked on how wide they were taking the river as they practiced using their spinnaker - strange that. We then got a message from Jack Spratt saying that Jessie may be in trouble? So we went to investigate. Jessie had first lost her jib halyard and then her boom block and was sailing using just the main sail (tied to the stern) and the spinnaker which was proving difficult; a tow was needed. Attaching them to Waratah was harder than it needed to be. I offered to throw the line but Richard remarked that he wanted it to reach them! So Richard helmed, adjusted the speed of the approach (we were under power) and threw the line himself, twice and failed. The third attempt, where I was allowed to help, worked. Belinda and Allan were then safely towed, although nearly cast-off at Northey, and managed to make it back to the club in one piece, no doubt grateful of the nap they’d had earlier! All in all a great day out, certainly excellent practice for the forthcoming Wayfarer Norfolk Broads Cruise in September. 

List of things to remember for September:- 

A Wayfarer 

A spare jib halyard 

A spare boom block 


Wine stoppers…… 

Words by Emma Reeve

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