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Terms and Conditions of Membership

Applicants are asked to confirm they have read the terms and conditions, undertake to abide by the Rules of the Club & agree to personal details being held on computer.


Membership Consents and Obligations

A copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association & full Club Rules is available to all new Members on this website and may also be found in the Clubhouse.

Your Data

Membership of the Club and acceptance of the Rules by the Member are deemed to constitute consent to the holding by the Club of relevant personal data for the purposes of the prevailing Data Protection legislation. Membership data is held on computer using cloud based Membership Management Software in accordance with both the Club Privacy Policy and the supplier's Privacy Policy.

Members are responsible for checking the accuracy of data held on their Profile and BSC Membership Account and ensuring that all changes to membership/registered boat data are notified promptly in accordance with the Club Rules.

Your Email Consent 

Emailed information about your membership, including all invoices for Membership Subscriptions and other charges, will always be sent to the email address you have provided us as valid for your BSC Communications. When you receive log in details to access your own Profile you will be asked to indicate your consent to also join the mailing list for the regular Club News Email Updates and other Emailed information about Club activities. You may subsequently unsubscribe from this at any time. 

Your Image

BSC members and their guests may take photographs or videos at the Club which can include you and your family.* Members and their Non-Member Guests participating in any Club activity or event acknowledge that they may be photographed or videoed as part of these activities. They also grant permission to Blackwater Sailing Club Ltd to use any or all photos for the purposes of display on the BSC website, on BSC social media, in the BSC year book and for other publicity purposes. Copyright remains with the Photographer and will be acknowledged where known. If you object to the use of a specific photograph of you the Blackwater Sailing Club will do its best to remove the photo concerned from the website, but it may not be possible to amend other publicity materials. 

*Members should inform a Flag Officer if there is a legal reason why your photograph should not be used by the Club in this way.

Your Property

There is a CCTV system for the purposes of security and the prevention and detection of crime. Members retain responsibility for all items of their own property on site.

Your Safety

At all times it is for Members to decide whether their craft, equipment and crew are fit to sail in the prevailing conditions. Parents of Cadet members must decide whether their craft, equipment and crew are fit to sail in the prevailing conditions.

Your Insurance

Third party insurance in the sum of at least £5 million is mandatory for all craft.


Cadet Parent or Guardian's Consent 

Parents and guardians retain sole responsibility for their children and wards at all times.

Parents give consent for their Cadet Family Members to take part in water based and other activities at the Club and accept responsibility for his/her/their behaviour and adherence to Club Rules and standards. It is understood by both you and your child/children that reasonable instructions of Club Officers and Members are to be obeyed and that the Club is able to provide safety facilities only during the hours of Club racing.


Cadets are required to wear life jackets or buoyancy aids at all times whilst on or near the water. If your child cannot swim 50 metres he/she should be actively encouraged to do so within 12 months.

Registration of your Cadets for Cadet Training events is subject to acceptance of additional specific terms and conditions available at the time. It is understood that the Named Responsible Adult will automatically receive all the official communications relating to Cadet activities.

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