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Priority for cadet training events

It is not always possible to accommodate all cadets who apply to take part in BSC training events. As an RYA training centre we have to abide by strict limits on the ratio of pupils to instructors. Because we cannot finalise groups until we have the list of registered cadets and we know who is available to teach, it may not be possible to provide all cadets who have registered with a place in a training group.

In the event of a particular group being over subscribed, we will use the following criteria to determine which cadets we would prioritize:

  • Cadets who can do both days of a training weekend.
  • For training and MG groups on the river, cadets that have their own boats. See the section below about club boats.
  • Cadets who have participated in other training events during the year: the more the better!
  • Cadets with parents, guardians or close relatives who are instructors.
  • Siblings who have been selected in other groups.
  • Availability of parents, guardians or relatives as adult volunteers during the weekend. The more days you can volunteer for, the better. Please note that if parents volunteer to help, but are unavailable when required then this will be taken into consideration in future.
  • For certain events we may prioritise newer members.
  • If there is no clear outcome based on the other criteria, then the time of registration will be taken into account - the earlier the better.

Although all of these will be taken into account there is no formal weighting of these criteria, and the final decision will be made by the Cadet Skipper. 

Special rules apply to cadet week, see Cadet week registration.

If a place is unavailable we will advise you as soon as possible, cancel your registration, and provide a full refund.

Club boats

To sail on the river during a training weekend or cadet week you will need your own boat. There are a limited number of club boats to hire for training weekends and cadet week, which can be used in certain groups. You cannot book these through boat booker, instead you will need to apply for them as part of registering for an event. Club boats are not a substitute for owning a boat; the idea is that you should use them for one weekend and then purchase your own boat.

Hence when a limited number of boats are available to hire, the cadet skipper will allocate these firstly to cadets who have not borrowed that class of club boat for a training weekend or cadet week before. If there are several such cadets, then they will use the criteria listed above to determine (apart from the 'own boat' criterion).

Click here for more information about the BSC cadet section

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