Blackwater Sailing Club
Membership Subscriptions 2020
for calendar year commencing
1st January 2020




Couples (joint)


Junior (18* – 24)


Cadet (8 – 17)


*18 year old Juniors may continue to participate in Cadet activities until
the September following their final year at school

Boat Charges
for calendar year commencing
1st January 2020



£21.00 per ft

Cruiser (no mooring)

£15.75 per ft

Day Boat - Open decked, 17ft LOA and below, on mooring


Catamaran Dinghy - On shore


Dinghy - LOA over 11' 6'' Includes club racing class dinghy on mooring


Medium Dinghy - 9’ – 11’6’’ LOA 


Small dinghy, Sailboard - Non racing classes less than 9’ LOA


Optimist Dinghy


Additional Trolley/Trailer£115.00
Rowing Boats/extra tender/inflatable tender£45.50
Canoe or Kayak£45.50


What is included.

Cruisers: Maximum size for cruiser is 6 tons gross including trailer and all on-board equipment, 30ft LOA, including fixed bowsprit, but excluding moveable projecting parts providing they don't impede the launching process, and a maximum 15ft overall width of boat and trolley. Proof may be required of gross weight, length and beam. The annual charge for a cruiser includes a mooring position or Berth in the Ballast Hole (but not mooring tackle*), storage in the open, summer storage of one launching trolley or road trailer, hauling in and out, use of mast crane, high-pressure washer and bi-annual mooring inspection. The Charge is not reduced if a member uses a mooring, and does not use the Club’s storage facilities. The charge is reduced if a member uses the Club’s storage facilities but does not require a mooring position, or a berth in Ballast Hole. A pulling dinghy kept ashore as a tender to a boat on a mooring is not subject to charge but must be clearly marked with both Member and Cruiser name. Trailers must also be identifiable and will be allocated a trailer number. Trailers should conform to Club Guidance and if on inspection are deemed unfit for use must be repaired before hauling in and out is permitted.

*Members are responsible for their mooring tackle. If inspection shows the mooring tackle to be unfit for use, the Club will require necessary remedial work to be carried out before the mooring can be used.

 Dinghies: The annual boat charge for a dinghy includes entitlement to keep one launching trolley and one road trailer at the club. All boats/trolleys/trailers must be clearly marked with the owners name and boat name (if applicable).


Complete your online application now, or if you need more information  the Hon. Membership Secretary – Sheena Berney can be contacted on 07860 512343

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 Issued by the Hon Secretary
Reviewed November 2019 after EGM

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